8 Republicans Vote For Gun Control

8 Republicans Vote For Gun Control

Dear NC 2A Supporter,

Long day at the Capitol.  Here’s the latest update …

HB 746 passed what’s called the “second reading” today by a vote of 65-54.

Democrats tried to destroy the bill by offering seven anti-gun amendments, including a magazine ban.  All amendments were defeated or “tabled”.

The following EIGHT North Carolina Republicans voted with Bloomberg and the gun-grabbers FOR GUN CONTROL on the floor of the House today by voting against HB 746 on the second reading!

One more vote is scheduled tomorrow on HB 746, where these eight have the chance to vote correctly.

Call, Email, Send a Facebook Message to the EIGHT Republicans listed below and let them know you expect them to vote against Bloomberg and FOR Second Amendment rights!

Ted Davis
[email protected]

John Faircloth
[email protected]

John Fraley
[email protected]

Craig Horn
[email protected]

Frank Ller
[email protected]

Chuck McGrady
[email protected]

Sam Watford
[email protected]

Linda Williams
[email protected]

Thanks — in advance — for taking action.

For freedom,

Thomas Walker
North Carolina Firearms Coalition

P.S. You can be assured that NCFC will NEVER sell or rent your email address.

We will email you when there is important legislative information that you need to take action on.


  1. Too much attenction is given to the gun grabbers. I see who I will not vote for next election. And I plan to let all my friend know who are the gun grabbers.


  2. I expect them to vote against Bloomberg and FOR Second Amendment rights! If you don’t SUPPORT our Constitutional Rights we WILL vote you out of office.


  3. We need representatives that will;
    Honor their oath and uphold the Constitution of the United States.
    Understand that the government serves the people and not the other way around.
    That the 2nd Amendment is a right and not a privilege and that it is the conduit that protects all other rights .


  4. Every constitutional amendment is imperative in preserving civil liberties. I am very concerned of the recent recommendations to reinterpret the wording of the second amendment mainly. I fear there are biased opinions in relation to firearm ownership that should be addressed by legislators. The wording of the second amendment was caloborated in detail by the composers of it, and it should be taken as such. Many Americans who hold this rights dear are very worried on this issue. Please represent our voices with dillegence


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