EliminateTheATF.com: Support MTG’s Bill to Eliminate the ATF!


Pro-gun rockstar Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has teamed up with our national affiliate, the American Firearms Association and the North Carolina Firearms Coalition and has introduced our bill (H.R. 3960) to totally and completely eliminate the ATF!

MTG’s ATF Elimination Bill:

1. Repeals all ATF regulations and guidance after August 1, 2020.
2. Requires the ATF publish a list of confiscated firearms and ammunition which must be auctioned off to FFL dealers before the ATF closes.
3. Requires proceeds from the auction given to families of border patrol officers killed as a result of Operation Fast and Furious.
4. Requires that any remaining funds not used by 2032 will be re-directed to a program awarding states grant funds to establish firearm safety programs.

After spending the last 30 years attacking gun owners and being used as a tool of the Government to terrorize the law-abiding and arm drug cartels, it’s time for the ATF to be completely eliminated!

That’s why you need to send our pre-written email to your Congressman or woman telling them to CO-SPONSOR, SUPPORT and PUSH Congresswoman MTG’s bill (H.R. 3960) to eliminate the ATF NOW!

When you’re done, SHARE this link with all of your pro-gun friends and family and make sure they contact their Representative as well and then get in this fight by going to JOINNCFC.com!