STOP Joe Biden’s WAR on Gun Owners!

The radical left has control of the House and Senate — as well as the White House — and they have launched the biggest attack on our gun rights that Americans have seen since 1776!

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi have teamed up with every leftist gun-control organization in America and are looking to force RADICAL gun control down the throats of gun owners and totally obliterate our Second Amendment!

They want dangerous:

Red Flag Gun Confiscation’ laws which would strip you of your firearms and 2A rights with NO due-process, simply because someone complained about you.

Universal Background Checks’ which would create a massive government database of gun owners and make you a FELON for giving a firearm to your own family member.

Those bills are JUST THE BEGINNING! We can’t let this happen. The future of our nation depends on it!

Send your petition right now saying HELL NO to the Biden/Pelosi WAR on gun owners and when you’re done, help us FIGHT for you in D.C. by becoming a member of the North Carolina Firearms Coalition at!