Thom Tillis: Stop Compromising on Guns!

Republican US Senator Thom Tillis is bragging to the fake news media that he is in negotiations with Senate Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Dick Blumenthal to craft a ‘compromise’ federal Red Flag Gun Confiscation law!

Hell no!

Gun owners like us need to STOP HIM.

Our Second Amendment is the freedom BLOCKING the Left’s path to a total Communist takeover of America, and if we lose our 2nd Amendment, our whole country will be wiped out in a matter of years.

Please immediately sign the OFFICIAL PETITION to Thom Tillis demanding zero gun-control bills, zero backing down, zero surrender of our freedoms and absolutely NO compromises whatsoever with the Hate-America Left on our 2nd Amendment!

And when you’re done, please become a member of the North Carolina Firearms Coalition, North Carolina’s most brutal and effective defenders of our freedoms!