Gun Confiscation Legislation Introduced in Raleigh

Gun Confiscation Legislation Introduced in Raleigh

Last week I wrote to you about H976 and S734, “Gun Confiscation” or “Red Flag” legislation introduced by radical left-wingers, State Rep. Marcia Morey and State Sen. Floyd B. McKissick, Jr, in the North Carolina General Assembly.

These gun-grabbers want Republican legislators — especially — to think these bills are “reasonable” and should be rammed through the General Assembly.

Of course there’s nothing reasonable about the confiscation of your firearms without due process on the order of a left-wing judge.

That’s why I’m asking you to contact your State Rep. and State Sen. right now and insist they OPPOSE H976 and S734.

Here’s contact information:

State House — CLICK HERE

State Senate — CLICK HERE

After you’ve made your calls and sent your emails, please click below and sign your NO GUN CONFISCATION ORDERS petition right away.

Even with Republican control of the General Assembly, gun-grabbers have convinced Republicans in other states to support similar legislation.

That’s why it’s vital we keep the heat on Republicans in the General Assembly to OPPOSE this gun control scheme at every opportunity.

Thanks — in advance — for your grassroots activism and support.

For freedom,

Tom Walker
North Carolina Firearms Coalition


  1. Without due process we eradicate The Constitution.
    The proposal steps on other Amendments.
    The Supreme Court just ruled “Police can Not come on your property Without a warrent. This pertained to the “car rule” however it is the Same principle here.
    Why are legal gun owners who never discharged a firearm with malice being persecuted for what Evil does?


  2. The last thing that should happen in NC. Guns are an essential part of our freedoms and are needed for hunting and self preservation.


  3. No more gun laws. The ones on the books are only used against law abiding citizens. Find a way to make the liberal judge’s assign maximum penalties against criminals.


  4. I think that the first thing we should do is disarm all protection details for the idiots that introduce these bills. Let them be protected any other way except for armed escorts and armed guards. Then see if they are really anti gun. Also we should check as most of these politicians that start theses bills own guns.


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