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Red Flag Battle Starts in D.C. Today!

Dear NCFC Supporter, We’ve been preparing for this fight for almost two months. The U.S. Senate is back in session ...
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WATCH: North Carolina Firearms Coalition Re-Launches “Red Flag” Ad

Dear Fellow Patriot, In light of President Trump’s call for “Red Flag” laws, we have just to re-launched our “Stop ...
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Video: Stop Red Flag Gun Seizures

Dear Fellow Patriot, We’ve just released our new ad entitled: “Stop Red Flag Gun Seizures”! The ad encourages North Carolina ...
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Gun Confiscation Legislation Introduced in Raleigh

Last week I wrote to you about H976 and S734, “Gun Confiscation” or “Red Flag” legislation introduced by radical left-wingers, ...
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Honoring the Fallen

From the board of the North Carolina Firearms Coalition, I want to wish you a great Memorial Day! As we ...
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Gun Confiscation Bill Introduced in Raleigh

You hear a loud knock at your front door. You get up from your couch or easy chair only to ...
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Bloomberg Funded WAR in North Carolina!

“This is crazy!  I never thought I’d live to see so many people in North Carolina fighting to destroy the ...
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STOP H.R. 5087

Dear North Carolina 2nd Amendment Supporter, If Dianne Feinstein gets her way, every single “semiauto” handgun, rifle, and shotgun in ...
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Nine State Gun Rights Organizations Oppose National Reciprocity in Its Current Form!

Contact: Thomas Walker Email: [email protected] On election night in 2016, gun owners saw their dreams come true as Hillary Clinton was ...
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Feinstein / Cornyn Gun Control Bill Hearing

The gun control bill I warned you about just before Thanksgiving is scheduled for a hearing in the House Judiciary ...
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HB 746 Passes House

Patrick, Yesterday, HB 746 passed the North Carolina State House 64-51! Thank you for your continued grassroots activism! Next up ...
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8 Republicans Vote For Gun Control

Dear NC 2A Supporter, Long day at the Capitol.  Here’s the latest update … HB 746 passed what’s called the ...
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