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About Us

The North Carolina Firearms Coalition is dedicated to defending and advancing the Second Amendment rights of all law abiding citizens in the state of North Carolina.

For too long, politicians have campaigned as being pro-gun at election time only to do little or nothing to advance our rights once safely in office in Raleigh.

With state after state enacting Constitutional Carry and repealing dangerous “gun free zones” in the last couple of years, the North Carolina General Assembly has done very little. This, despite having a supposedly pro-gun majority and Governor!

Now, with a Democrat governor, yet a veto proof majority, it’s time for legislators in Raleigh to put up or shut up.  It’s time to take action NOW to repeal onerous gun controls here in our state, and it the Governor vetoes, override his veto.

If you want to stand up and fight for your Second Amendment rights here in North Carolina then we’d like to welcome you to the North Carolina Firearms Coalition!

We're standing up for gun rights in 2024 — are you?