Fight for Constitutional Carry!

Constitutional Carry is already law in TWENTY-FIVE states — half of the country — and was just passed into law last year in Alabama, Georgia, Indiana and Ohio. Our neighbors in Tennessee are enjoying this freedom, too!

But here in North Carolina, legislative moderates like Speaker Tim Moore and Senate President Pro Temp Phil Berger have been blocking this legislation for several years.

These politicians work for you, and with the 2023 elections in the rear view with gun voters expanding the pro-gun majorities in Raleigh, now is the time to remind them of who they work for!

Send your emails to your legislators in support of Constitutional Carry legislation right away, so the politicians in Raleigh know that gun owners demand they go on offense for our freedoms. And remind them – they BETTER DELIVER FOR US!

And then join The North Carolina Firearms Coalition, the most effective political fighting force for our beautiful Second Amendment freedoms in North Carolina!