The massive gun control bill that Joe Biden and his allies have been working towards for weeks was just filed in the Senate and will likely be voted on in BOTH CHAMBERS of Congress in just days! And with many RINO Republicans helping him, Schumer may have the votes to pass it!

S. 2938 is a massive attack on your Second Amendment freedoms that would:

*** Bribe the states to pass ‘Red Flag’ laws with a whopping $750,000,000 grant!

*** Impose a 10-day waiting period on sales to anyone under age 21!

*** Expand the Lautenberg Act, adding millions of gun owners to the prohibited persons list!

*** Add mental health records into the NICS system, targeting juveniles!

*** Redefining straw purchases, trying to ensnare gun owners!

This is just the beginning! If this bill becomes law, the Radical Left will immediately move to expand this just like they’ve done with the Brady Act, the Lautenberg Act, and more. We need to hold the line right here!

So please send this urgent PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to your Senators (and Congressman) demanding that they VOTE NO on this legislation and reminding them that gun owners will hold them accountable during the midterm elections!

Once you have, please chip in whatever amount you can afford to help us mobilize TENS OF THOUSANDS of gun owners across North Carolina to oppose this tyrannical attack on our gun rights!