Tell your Politicians: Repeal Pistol Purchase Permits!

The Pistol Purchase Permit is unconstitutional under the Article 1 Section 30 of the North Carolina State Constitution and the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

As our government gets increasingly more tyrannical, North Carolinians should not have to beg government permission to purchase a firearm!

A racist holdover from the Jim Crow era, its only use is to deny North Carolinian’s right to keep and bear arms and needs to be abolished! A right delayed is a right denied.

Now that the House and Senate have both passed bills to repeal the Pistol Purchase Permit, we need to pile on the pressure to get this past the finish line! Send a pre-written email to your State Representative and State Senator demanding that they call for a vote on HB50 or SB41 IMMEDIATELY, and then get ready for a veto override session!

And when you’re finished, become a member of the North Carolina Firearms Coalition, so we can fight for your gun rights in Raleigh and in Washington, D.C.!