Help Us CRUSH the UN Small Arms Treaty!

Joe Biden is enraged that he’s lost control of the House. That’s why he’s pushing the United Nations Small Arms Treaty!

The UN Small Arms Treaty would establish a GLOBAL firearms registration, and subject American’s gun rights to the whims of Communist China and 3rd World dictators!

The worst part is that Biden only needs the Senate to ratify an international treaty! And now that Biden has complete control of the Senate, this could happen fast!

A fully ratified UN Small Arms Treaty would crush our Second Amendment rights in America, and that’s exactly what Biden and the Radical Left want.

Take action! Sign your OFFICIAL PETITION against this communist takeover right away, so Senators Budd and Tillis know that you expect them to fight like hell against this!

Once you’ve done that, take the next step and become a member of the North Carolina Firearms Coalition so that we can keep fighting for you in Raleigh and in D.C. You can get involved at!