Gun Confiscation Bill Introduced in Raleigh

You hear a loud knock at your front door.

You get up from your couch or easy chair only to find dozens of heavily armed government officials demanding you “hand ‘em over — or else.”

Your crime?

Well, you didn’t actually do anything wrong.  It’s just that someone complained about you.

Perhaps because they saw a photo of you with a gun.  Or perhaps they just don’t like the bumper sticker on the back of your vehicle or the post you made on Facebook.  Or perhaps some jilted ex-lover just wants revenge.

They say they’re “worried” about what you might do.  So you lose your guns.  And there’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop them.

This is the reality Governor Roy Cooper (D), bill sponsors State Rep. Marcia Morey and State Sen. Floyd B. McKissick, Jr. and hordes of gun-grabbers in BOTH parties want for North Carolina.

The bill numbers are H976 and S734.

That’s why I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE action.

Will you please sign this NO GUN CONFISCATION ORDERS petition right away?

As you’ll see, this petition insists that your State Representative and Senator vote NO on the Cooper/Morey/McKissick gun confiscation scheme.

Without your action, I’m afraid we’ll be looking straight at a gun control DISASTER.

Even supposedly “pro-gun” Republicans in other states across the country have fallen for this latest gun control charade — claiming it’ll help stop those hell-bent on committing violence.

That has BILLIONAIRE gun-grabber Michael Bloomberg grinning from ear-to-ear.  You see, there are some dirty secrets about these Gun Confiscation Orders the media and the gun-grabbers never dare tell you.

First, these schemes are blatantly UNCONSTITUTIONAL.   Allowing law-abiding citizens to be stripped of their constitutional freedoms without due process violates the Second, Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

Not only that, but they would do virtually nothing to stop the bad guys.

Under current law, those who tell others of their intent to kill can be arrested for making threats if law enforcement is ever informed.

Those who are exhibiting warning signs that they may be planning violence, can — at minimum — be interviewed by law enforcement who can move to arrest the person if they deem it necessary.

As anyone in law enforcement will tell you, you can learn quite a bit about a person’s intentions just by asking a couple questions.

So law enforcement already has the tools they need to stop the real killers.  But just like in Parkland, Florida, it won’t make an ounce if difference if law enforcement officials don’t have the guts to do their job.

Gun-grabbers know that.  But they don’t care.  These Gun Confiscation Orders aren’t really about stopping killers or madmen.

It’s about bringing law-abiding gun owners to our knees, cowering before government overlords.

You see, if you are ever wrongly accused and get your guns confiscated, you’ll be forced to spend thousands of dollars trying to get them back — just in attorneys fees!

So the gun-grabbers’ goal with these Gun Confiscation Orders is to frighten those of us who own guns from speaking out about our beliefs for fear of having our guns seized.

It’s also to begin normalizing GUN CONFISCATION as a part of American life.

In fact, California recently created SWAT-style “Gun Seizure Squads!”  That’s actually what they’re calling them too! For now, they tell you and me with a straight face it’s just to stop “dangerous” individuals.  But who gets to define that?

Gun-grabbers like Hillary Clinton have already said gun owners “terrorize” Americans.  One New York Democrat referred to a national pro-gun group as a “terrorist organization.”

In Missouri, law-abiding Americans with “Don’t Tread on Me” flags or campaign stickers bumper stickers supporting the “wrong” candidate for President of the United States have been labeled potential domestic terrorists.

Once the Gun Control Lobby gets the camel’s nose under the tent, they’ll keep redefining “dangerous” until it includes every single American with a gun.

That’s why I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE action.

First, please sign the petition to your State Representative and Senator.  Second, if at all possible, please also agree to your most generous contribution to help the North Carolina Firearms Coalition:

*** Generate 150,000 petitions from all over North Carolina insisting the State Legislature STOP Bloomberg’s anti-gun assault;

*** Use email, social media and Internet ads to mobilize an additional 50,000 North Carolina citizens;

*** Work the blogs and grant media interviews to explain to law-abiding gun owners the stakes we face;

*** Pay for hard-hitting radio, newspaper and even TV ads if I can raise the resources.

A program this large isn’t going to be cheap.  But I’m afraid it’s the ONLY way you and I are going to stop this GUN CONFISCATION freight train.

The good news is, 2018 is an election year.  And politicians always listen more closely to the folks back home when they’re asking for our votes.

So if you and I can raise enough of a ruckus, we can tell Governor Cooper and State Rep. Morey and State Sen. McKissick to take Bloomberg’s so-called “red flag” scheme and stuff it.

Please sign your petition along with your most generous contribution of TODAY!

For freedom,

Tom Walker
North Carolina Firearms Coalition

P.S. Without your action, Governor Roy Cooper, State Rep. Marcia Morey, and State Sen. Floyd McKissick are plotting to bring GUN CONFISCATION to North Carolina.

Under their scheme, you could lose your guns just because someone complains about you!

We have to FIGHT BACK.