Constitutional Carry Introduced – Take Action!

Now that Keith Kidwell’s Constitutional Carry bill, House Bill 189, has been introduced and sent to the Judiciary II Committee, it’s time to get to work!

You can do two things right now to make a HUGE impact and help Constitutional Carry keep moving forward:

1. Contact your State Representative and State Senator HERE.

Make sure they know that as a constituent and a gun voter, you expect them to publicly support, advance in committee and vote YES on Keith Kidwell’s Constitutional Carry bill, HB189! Already sent them an email? Send them another

2. Contact the Judiciary II Committee members HERE.

Last session, Constitutional Carry sat in the Judiciary III committee and the politicians refused to even bring the bill up for a hearing. This time, things are different. These politicians work for us, and its time they did their jobs! Tell ‘em to bring up and vote YES on HB189 in committee now!

The truth is we haven’t been this close to passing Constitutional Carry in years.

Governor Cooper’s veto pen has been made nearly obsolete because gun owners helped elect a near super majority of pro-gun legislators in the NC House.

And because of a newly adopted rules package from Speaker Tim Moore, veto override sessions will be easier to call up and take place!

Whether one or two pro-gun Democrats vote their conscience for our gun rights, or the Speaker springs the veto override vote once some of the more radical Democrats are absent from floor session, it doesn’t much matter!

Last session we heard all sorts of excuses as to why Constitutional Carry couldn’t be passed out of committee.

The fact is, every time a member of the political class tells us “Constitutional Carry can’t be done this year,” we ALWAYS ask ourselves, “If I believe them and do/believe what they say, how does it benefit them?”

Most politicians have a to-do list that has “nothing” right at the top of it.

But doing nothing when the opportunity is right in front of us is our surest way to lose, and lose big.

We can’t afford to keep placating the Radical Left. Our ‘pro-gun’ majorities need to get that through their skulls.

This is 2023, and the stakes couldn’t be higher than they are right now.

No more excuses, no more political double-talk.

The time for action is NOW.

Take action for Constitutional Carry today!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
North Carolina Firearms Coalition