NC ALERT: Pro-Gun Vote Happening TODAY!

I have some great news, but I need you to act fast.

The North Carolina State Senate will likely vote on the SB41, which would repeal the draconian, Jim-Crow-era pistol purchase permit this afternoon!

The fact is, the pistol purchase permit has always been an unconstitutional violation of lawful North Carolinians’ Right to Keep and Bear Arms because it forces citizens to pay a tax before they can exercise their Rights.

To state the obvious, the North Carolina General Assembly has passed this bill before, and it was vetoed by Communist Governor Cooper.

This time, however, things are significantly different because the North Carolina Senate already has a veto-proof majority (meaning that they can override Governor Cooper’s veto if he vetoes the bill).

And on the House side, Republicans are one seat away from a veto-proof majority, but four or five Democrats are already in support of the bill!

Even better, House Republicans changed the floor rules at the beginning of this year’s session to make veto-override sessions far easier to call into order.

That’s why it is CRITICAL that you quickly email your state senator (and state representative while you are at it) and insist that they vote YES on SB41, the bill to repeal the North Carolina pistol purchase permit!

It is very important that we have a strong vote in favor of this bill today, so please send your email right away.

Once you are finished, please share this information on your social media pages and urge all of your pro-gun friends to do the same thing by copying and pasting the paragraph below on your favorite social media platforms:

Friends, the North Carolina General Assembly is voting on a bill to end the anti-gun pistol purchase permit, and they need to hear from you! Send your senator a pre-written email urging them to vote yes by clicking this link: 

Stand and FIGHT!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
North Carolina Firearms Coalition

P.S. Please click HERE to chip in $25 or $50 to help NCFC mobilize gun owners to pour the pressure on in Raleigh!