2022 NC Senate Voter Guide

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2022 NC Senate Voter Guide

District Candidate Positive Vote Record/Survey
01 Norman Sanderson (R)
02 Jim Perry (R)
03 VIDEO Robert “Bobby” Hanig (R)
Valerie Jordan (D)
06 Michael Lazzara (R)
07 Michael Lee (R)
Marcia Morgan (D)
08 William Rabon (R)
09 Brent Jackson (R)
11 Lisa Barnes (R)
Mark Speed (D)
12 VIDEO Jim Burgin (R)
Richard Chapman (D)
14 Chris Baker (R)
Ban Blue (D)
17 VIDEO Mark Cavaliero (R)
Sydney Batch (D)
18 VIDEO E.C. Sykes (R)
Mary Wills Bode (D)
20 Alvin Reed (R)
Natalie Murdock (D)
21 Tom McInnis (R)
Frank McNeill (D)
24 Danny Earl Britt (R)
Darrel Gibson, Jr. (D)
25 Amy Galey (R)
Sean Ewing (D)
26 Phil Berger (R)
29 Dave Craven (R)
Brooke Crump (D)
30 Steven Jarvis (R)
Monique Johnson (D)
31 Joyce Krawiec (R)
33 Carl Ford (R)
Tangela Morgan (D)
34 Paul Newton (R)
Keshia Sandidge (D)
35 Todd Johnson (R)
36 Eddie Settle (R)
37 Vickie Sawyer (R)
44 Ted Alexander (R)
45 Dean Proctor (R)
46 Warren Daniel (R)
47 Ralph Hise (R)
48 VIDEO Timothy Moffitt (R)
Jay Carey (D)
50 Kevin Corbin (R)
Karen McCracken (D)


Tremendous freedoms hang in the balance in these elections, and all eyes
across America are focused on what happens here.

The North Carolina General Assembly elections are critical as gun owners
look to create a pro-gun veto-proof majority in Raleigh and the North
Carolina Firearms Coalition gears up to pass Constitutional Carry and to
block Red Flag Gun Confiscation from being passed into law.

Who should you vote for? That’s your decision to make, and the North
Carolina Firearms Coalition stands ready, willing and able to tackle every
scenario that comes as the result of these elections.

But on November 8th, go to the polls and vote PRO-GUN!