Gun Control Groups Attack Gun Owners! FIGHT BACK!

This is the message that the lyin’ commie mommies are blasting across the country right now to get tyrannical gun control laws passed in America.

Michael Bloomberg’s bought and paid for organizations are spending MILLIONS of dollars to pressure weak U.S. Senators to pass their new gun control package that won’t save a single life.

Included in this proposed legislation is:

>> Funding for Red Flag Gun Confiscation; intended to bribe each state to pass their own Red Flag laws, RINO politicians promise “due process” but the very definition of a Red Flag law is NO due process because the firearms are being stolen by the government with no charges being filed, no day in court, no conviction, no anything.

There is no such thing as a Constitutional Red Flag Gun Confiscation law.

>> Raising the age from 18 to 21 to purchase a common AR-15 style rifle; we trust 18-year-olds to vote for the future of America. We trust 18-year-olds to get married. We trust 18-year-olds to join our military, go over seas and use fully automatic firearms to protect our country.

The Left thinks that children as young as 13 can undergo permanent sex changes with life-altering puberty blockers.

But now they want to ban all legal 18, 19 and 20-year-old Americans from exercising their Second Amendment rights?

That’s just the start of what this proposed bill would do.

These proposals are UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and Republicans have no right to join with the Democrats to try to pass laws that will be used to hurt law-abiding Americans and won’t stop a single crime.

I know I’ve asked a lot of you over the last few weeks, but we’re firing on all cylinders to get this shut down and we need every gun owner in the state to stand with us until this fight is over!

So if you can afford to help us by making a contribution of anywhere from $5 to $500, now is the time.

The Senate is trying to fast-track this process, promising a bill draft before the end of this week with a vote as early as next week.

That gives us 7-10 days to hammer phone calls, emails, petitions and pressure into our Senate Delegation telling them NO DEALS on gun control in 2022!

Help us DEFEAT Michael Bloomberg’s bought and paid for groups and shut this gun control down by making a contribution today!

For Freedom,

Christopher Dorr
Executive Director
North Carolina Firearms Coalition