53 Days!

The 2022 midterm elections are just fifty-three days away.

Since the day Joe Biden took office, gun owners have faced attacks against our right to keep and bear arms like no time in modern history!

Biden has passed a massive ‘Red Flag’ funding bill, and his national gun registration bill (H.R. 8) and his ban on the AR-15 (H.R. 1808) have already passed the House.

Here in North Carolina, gun grabbers are fired up, using the momentum that the Left is creating in Washington to grow bolder as they work to crush our freedoms in Raleigh.

That’s why this election cycle is absolutely crucial! This is our chance to send a message to Joe Biden, Congressional Democrats, and gun grabbers here at home that gun owners will never sit back while these bastards attack our country!

If we’re successful, we will shut down threats against our Second Amendment freedoms for the rest of Biden’s term in office.

But if we’re not, we may see both H.R. 8 AND H.R. 1808 pass into law and our country will never be the same!

The North Carolina Firearms Coalition will be ‘ALL IN’ on the 2022 midterms; using every tool that we have to expose the Radical Left at the state and federal levels and to send a message that North Carolinians stand for freedom!

But we need your help — and we need it now.

The radio and TV ads that we lock in now, will be 25-33% cheaper than they would be if buy them a month from now. The same thing is true for our digital ads, direct mail, and texting campaigns.

Please take your stand with us right now, by making a generous donation so that we can fight back against Joe Biden and the Radical Left in November.

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The amount of your donation is up to you, of course. But this election is coming fast!

This is your chance to send a message to Joe Biden — and gun-grabbers up and down the ballot — that you are ‘all in’ in the fight for freedom!

Please be generous!

For Freedom,

Christopher Dorr

Executive Director
North Carolina Firearms Coalition