Cheri Beasley’s Top 5 Gun-Control Goals

Cheri Beasley is campaigning like she’s your next-door neighbor.

But when you look at what Cheri Beasley and her Leftist comrades want to do, she’s anything but neighborly, North Carolinian, or American.

After she’s finished obliterating the filibuster and packing the Supreme Court with radical activists, Beasley and the Radical Left will immediately commence their attack on the only thing standing between them and a total takeover of America: our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Here’s what they’re gonna do:

1) Pass a national ‘Assault Weapons Ban.

The AR15 is America’s modern symbol of rebellion to tyranny – like a modern-day Tea Party that happens every day in every red-blooded American home. The Hate-America Left knows that they can’t turn America into a communist hellhole until their political opposition is disarmed and helpless. They absolutely MUST outlaw the AR15.

2) National Gun Registration.

Cheri Beasley wants gun owners in America to be universally tracked, traced, and registered like sex offenders so Big Brother knows who you are and what guns you have when they come to take your guns later.

3) A Federal Red Flag Gun Confiscation law.

RINOs and the Left have already teamed up to pass a red flag funding bill for each of the states. If Beasley gets elected and the gun-grabbers get a sufficient majority, they will go for the kill shot and pass a national Red Flag law, so your guns can be confiscated without due process!

4) A ban on ammo quantities, magazines and accessories for most common firearms in America.

Our enemies want to make us unable to resist their tyranny, plain and simple. Making sure folks like you and me don’t have access to ammo, magazines and critical accessories for our firearms will accomplish their goal of turning you and me into helpless serfs.

5) Retroactive confiscation.

Like we’ve always said, they can’t totally ruin our nation and turn us into the next Venezuela if millions of American guys and ladies like you and me own tens or hundreds of millions of firearms.

They want all of the power, and they need us totally helpless if they are going to have a chance at succeeding in their goals.

That’s why we are HAMMERING on Cheri Beasley right now with this ad exposing her for the Leftwing Radical that she REALLY is!

Now that you’ve seen it, please help us get this ad in front of as many eyes as possible by chipping in $50 or even just $20 now!

Take action now – the elections are only three weeks away!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director

North Carolina Firearms Coalition