Don’t Let Joe Biden Pack the Supreme Court!

Like many gun owners across the country, I’ve always kept a wary eye on the Supreme Court.

It’s true that for most of my life, the court was a 5-4 body that usually issued opinions (like Heller v. DC and McDonald v Chicago) that were consistent with our Second Amendment freedoms.

But with all the betrayals that conservatives have experienced from Justice Roberts and others, there has always been a real concern that the court could just as easily get it wrong.

When President Trump got into office and successfully nominated three conservatives to the Supreme Court — the most of any President since Ronald Regan — the dynamics of the court changed.

Now, depending on the issue, the court has a 6-3 conservative leaning majority. And with a major Second Amendment case about to be decided by the court, gun-grabbers are going nuts!


That’s why Joe Biden’s handlers are working with their Congressional allies to advance legislation (H.R. 2584/S. 1141) that would allow Biden to pack the court.

This ‘court-packing’ legislation would allow Joe Biden to select four additional liberal justices to sit on the Supreme Court, giving the left an immediate 7-6 liberal majority!

Should this happen, you can kiss your right to keep and bear arms away forever. This 7-6 ‘Biden Court’ would be actively looking for Second Amendment cases to rule on — so they can take a sledgehammer to our freedoms.

No, our right to keep and bear arms doesn’t come from the Supreme Court. It comes from God and has been codified in the United States Constitution. But a run-away liberal court could do unspeakable damage to these rights regardless.

The left has always wanted to pack the court, but with major gun rights (and pro-life cases) about to be decided by this court, they are pushing for this legislation harder than ever before!


While it might surprise you, expanding the size of the Supreme Court only requires a simple majority vote in the House and Senate, along with Biden’s signature.

Nancy Pelosi may very likely have the votes to get this done, and Joe Biden would happily sign this legislation the moment it hit his desk. That means that if one Republican in the Senate betrays us and joins the Democrats, this bill could pass, FAST!

To be clear, well over 50 members of Congress are actively pushing this legislation in the House and Senate.

But in light of the leaked draft of the Court’s anticipated decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, I expect support for this court-packing legislation to explode in the coming days!  

That’s why it’s vital you sign your petition immediately, so that Senators Burr and Tillis (and your Congressman) know you want them to stand up and fight against this legislation with everything they’ve got. 


Understand that while Biden’s court-packing agenda would destroy the Second Amendment, our gun rights are just one thing that a 7-6 radicalized court would attack.

Today’s Democrats would also use this expanded court to attack our nation’s border security, weaken our election integrity, radicalize our education system even further, maintain Roe v Wade, reinstate travel restrictions and lockdowns, and more!

Remember, the politicians pushing this legislation for Joe Biden are self-loathing ghouls who hate this great country and want to destroy it from the inside out.

Packing the court is the PERFECT WAY for them to do that!

And given the legislative defeats they’ve endured over the last seventeen months — despite controlling Congress and the White House — they are desperate to seize control of the Supreme Court once and for all.

Don’t let them get away with it!


Once you’ve signed your petition, you’ll be taken to a confirmation page and given a chance to make a donation to help us mobilize every gun owner we can find into opposing this bill.

I’ll be honest. When I laid out the budget for the North Carolina Firearms Association in January, this wasn’t on our radar. Court packing was being talked about, it’s true, but the intensity was nowhere near as high as it is today.

And with this fight coming fast, we need help to get the word out. So please consider a donation of $100, $50, $25 or even just $10 so we can rally gun owners against court packing!

It’s urgent, and everything we love is at stake. So please make a donation right away, and please be generous!

For Freedom,

Christopher Dorr
Executive Director
North Carolina Firearms Coalition

P.S. With the Supreme Court close to issuing landmark decisions on cases involving the Second Amendment and the right to life, Biden’s handlers are racing to pack the Supreme Court.

This court packing plan — H.R. 2584 and S. 1141 — would allow Biden to put four additional justices on the court, changing it from a 6-3 conservative court to a 7-6 radicalized court!


All it takes to do this is a simple majority vote in Congress and Biden’s signature. So please sign your petition immediately, and please consider a generous donation to help us stop this legislation before it’s too late.

Oppose court packing — donate immediately!