I Was Born an American!

Our country is rapidly turning from a nation where ‘We the People’ are in charge, to a totalitarian regime where the government thinks they have the right to dictate every aspect of our lives.

I am sure that most of us can look back on our childhoods and remember a different time, a different country.

For me, I grew up in small town USA, in the heart of the Midwest. It was a Norman Rockwell lifestyle where we knew everybody, took care of each other, and enjoyed a very peaceful life.

We had real freedom then. No one shamed us for not wearing a mask in public, the government was far less powerful and could be brought to heel by local citizens, and we didn’t need a permit for every single thing we did.

The media didn’t call us ‘dangerous’ or ‘subversive’ for proudly declaring our love for God, our country, our flag, or our great Second Amendment. And corporations were worried about selling us products, not shoving their ‘woke’ agenda down our throats.

But those days are dying.

Instead, we live in a time where our own government has all but declared war on patriotic Americans like you and me. Anyone who supports the freedoms that this country was built on is a target for cancel-culture attacks from the government, media, woke companies — all the way down to local school administrators.

Gun owners and veterans are called ‘potential domestic terrorists’ and put into unconstitutional databases. Christians are labeled ‘hateful’ for standing up for righteousness. And parents are called ‘bigots’ for opposing the critical race theory garbage that so many schools are trying to force-feed our children.

Some have thrown up their hands in disgust, sitting back and simply hoping that the left leaves them alone. But that is a mistake, as doing nothing only makes it easier for our enemies to take away our freedoms.

Instead, we need to fight back with everything we have — right now — to make sure that freedom’s light does not go out on our watch! This is what we do every single day at the North Carolina Firearms Coalitionand I hope that you’ll stand with us NOW!

You see, the North Carolina Firearms Coalition understands that the fight we are engaged in to protect our Second Amendment freedoms in Raleigh is about much more than our gun rights or Democrat vs. Republican squabbling.

We are in the trenches of a worldview battle where our enemies want to disarm our entire country, so we can’t stop them as they systematically destroy everything that we love about America.

2020 has made our enemy’s agenda perfectly clear. If we lose this fight, our children and grandchildren will grow up in a dark place where they remember the freedoms that we had as nothing more than a distant memory.

But America isn’t Europe, Asia, or some third-world hellhole. And Americans have NEVER sat back quietly, allowing power hungry dictators to put limits on their freedoms!

We were all born as Americans.

And from setting this nation free from a dictator in England in the 1700’s, to saving the world from a madman in Germany in the 1940’s, to ensuring that Communism did not engulf the globe just a few decades ago — Americans have always stood against tyranny!

Today’s battle isn’t fought with guns, tanks, and rockets.

Our political fight is won by our brutal election programs, the crushing amount of grassroots firepower that our members apply during legislative session, and our ability to destroy the careers of those who want to disarm us.

And we need you to stand with us in THIS fight, now!

The peaceful existence of our youth is over, the power-hungry leftists and their allies in Big Tech, the media, and woke corporations simply refuse to leave any of us alone.

So we need to stand up, right now and make our voices heard in ways that they haven’t been for far too long, or future generations will lose everything that it means to be an American! 

The good news is that this is a fight that we can win, if gun owners continue to rise up across the country as they have been for the last eight months.

David Chipman’s nomination is on the ropes. Joe Biden can’t get the votes to pass the national gun registry (H.R. 8) or a national ‘assault weapons ban’ (S. 736) at the moment. And a growing number of states are enacting the Second Amendment Preservation Act to defang Biden’s Executive Actions!

We can win this fight! We must win this fight! 

We were born Americans, in the greatest country in the world, and we CAN NOT sit by and watch her burn at the hands of tyrannical politicians.

That’s why I hope that you’ll become a member of the North Carolina Firearms Coalition and join the grassroots army that is fighting every day to save our state, and our nation!

Of course, if you’re already a member, I can’t thank you enough for your previous support. Please know that your ongoing support is badly needed, and consider a donation to help us continue fighting for you!

For Freedom,

Christopher Dorr
Executive Director
North Carolina Firearms Coalition

P.S. We can all feel it. Everything that we love about America and everything that it means to be free is under attack today from tyrannical politicians who want to disarm us and enslave future generations of Americans!

The North Carolina Firearms Coalition is fighting back, leading one of the largest grassroots fighting forces in the state. But we need your help. Please become a member of the NCFC today!

(If you’re already a member, please consider a special donation to ensure that we can keep fighting for you!)