NC Alert: SAPA supporters needed!

How dare they.

North Carolina House GOP leaders are letting Rep. Keith Kidwell’s Second Amendment Preservation Act bill (HB189) and Constitutional Carry bill (HB197) ROT in the Judiciary 3 committee with no hearings – ZERO!

Don’t let them get away with it!

I don’t know about you, but with Quid-Pro China Joe Biden and the Radical Left in Congress preparing for WAR on our gun rights, I expect our ‘Republican’ legislature to stand in the gap between our freedoms and federal tyranny.

The General Assembly adjourns for the year on July 2nd, so we need to POUND on them to move these bills IMMEDIATELY!

>>> PASS SAPA LAW! <<< 


After you’ve sent your emails to your State Representatives, please consider a donation to help us fight like hell for our gun rights in Raleigh!

For Freedom,

Christopher Dorr
Executive Director
North Carolina Firearms Coalition