NC: Everything you need to know about today’s elections

Rise and smell the FREEDOM in the air!

The results of these elections will tell us a lot about the direction of our state and our nation for years to come.

Will pro-gun voters and patriots save our country from the brink of societal, moral and economic collapse?

Or will the Hate-America Left continue their slash and burn agenda to finish off our great country once and for all?

Everything is on the line this time.

And if you haven’t yet voted, read our pro-gun voter guides below, head to the polls today between 6:30AM and 7:30PM and vote PRO-GUN!

Don’t know what districts you’re in? Click HERE.

Don’t know where to go vote? Click HERE.

>>> North Carolina House Voter Guide <<<
>>> North Carolina Senate Voter Guide <<<
>>> North Carolina U.S. Senate Voter Guide <<<

Oh, and round up all your pro-gun family and friends, and take them to the polls with you!

Save America! Vote PRO-GUN!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director

North Carolina Firearms Coalition