Why the NC Supreme Court matters.

When you think about gun rights, odds are the North Carolina Supreme Court doesn’t come to mind right away.

But it should, and here’s why.

The North Carolina Constitution states in Article 1 Section 30, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

This sounds like and certainly is a rock-solid defense of our 2nd Amendment freedoms, but to the Radical Left, these words present an opportunity to redefine what they mean.

They’ve been doing this for a long time at the US Supreme Court and in courts around the country: the words on the page only mean what the people interpreting them want them to mean.

There are several candidates running for the North Carolina Supreme Court this election that would chip away at our gun rights in the Constitution by watering down what ‘arms’ and ‘A well regulated militia’ mean (‘Assault Weapons Ban’ anyone?).

The lawyers that are coming out of law schools today are being radicalized and indoctrinated to hate America and hate our freedoms, and they want to turn our beautiful country into a socialist dystopia where everyone is disarmed and prostrate to a tyrannical, cruel government.

If the Degressive Left keeps or expands their majority on the court, there is a very real possibility that a future SAPA law or other pro-gun bills would be struck down as unconstitutional.

To make matters worse, far-Left activists on the bench could potentially draw future district lines – vastly increasing the number of anti-gun candidates elected to the North Carolina General Assembly and Congress.

The Radical Left is spending BIG on these races, because they know that here in North Carolina, flipping the court is their best chance at implementing their gun-grabbing, tyrannical agenda on all North Carolinians and gun owners.

It’s bad.

But by the Left’s own admission, if Republicans pick up supermajorities in Raleigh, and win big on the Supreme Court, their agenda to destroy North Carolina and our freedom will be DOA for years to come – and they just can’t afford that.

While we do not have survey data from the Supreme Court justices, we know what the leftists want to do to our gun rights and our freedom.

Here’s the breakdown of the races:

For Supreme Court Seat 3 – Republican Richard Dietz vs Democrat Lucy Inman

For Supreme Court Seat 5 – Republican Trey Allen vs Incumbent Democrat Sam Ervin

Democrats currently have a one seat majority on the court, 4-3, so Republicans only need to flip ONE of these two seats to secure a majority and crush the Radical Left’s gun-grabbing, freedom-shredding agenda.

As you can see, there’s a lot riding on the outcome of this election.

So tomorrow, get educated on the candidates running for the North Carolina Supreme Court, and vote for FREEDOM!

For North Carolina,

Rob Knisley, Political Director
North Carolina Firearms Coalition

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