Thomas Walker

HB 746 Passes House

Patrick, Yesterday, HB 746 passed the North Carolina State House 64-51! Thank you for your continued grassroots activism! Next up is the State Senate, where the bill COULD be heard as early as next week. Please contact your State Senator — contact information below. Click here to send them an email or make a call, let them you want their support for HB 746 Take action today, time is running

8 Republicans Vote For Gun Control

Dear NC 2A Supporter, Long day at the Capitol.  Here’s the latest update … HB 746 passed what’s called the “second reading” today by a vote of 65-54. Democrats tried to destroy the bill by offering seven anti-gun amendments, including a magazine ban.  All amendments were defeated or “tabled”. The following EIGHT North Carolina Republicans voted with Bloomberg and the gun-grabbers FOR GUN CONTROL on the floor of the House

Contact State Rep. Ted Davis

Dear NC Second Amendment Supporter, Constitutional Carry legislation (House Bill 201) has been assigned to State Rep. Ted Davis’ Judiciary I Committee. Please Call / Email / Post A Facebook Message to Rep. Davis and let him know that Second Amendment supporters in North Carolina want a vote on Constitutional Carry (House Bill 201)! Be polite, but firm! Call > 919-733-5786Email > [email protected] > After you’ve done that, please

Constitutional Carry Introduced!

Dear NC Second Amendment supporter, I have tremendous Second Amendment news to report! State Representative Chris Millis (R-Hampstead) has just introduced the North Carolina Constitutional Carry Act (House Bill 201)! House Bill 201 would not only make the Concealed Handgun Permit optional, it would eliminate the pistol permit to purchase requirement! What this means is, you would no longer have to pay the government or ask permission from the government

Constitutional Carry Coming Soon

Dear Second Amendment Supporter,Thank you so much for signing your Petition to Pass Constitutional Carry in North Carolina! North Carolina Firearms Coalition (NCFC) is working around the clock to make sure a clean Constitutional Carry bill is introduced at the Capitol in Raleigh.I have good news to report . . . Soon, State Representative Chris Millis (R-Hampstead) will be introducing Constitutional Carry legislation!Constitutional Carry would make the Concealed Handgun Permit in our

Chicago man with concealed-carry permit fatally shoots would-be robber

Chicago – When this 23-year-old man went out to walk his dog in the 8200 block of South Ingleside in Chicago, he brought his lawfully carried concealed pistol along with him. So when an armed gunman shot the 23-year-old in a brazen daylight robbery attempt, the gun owner drew his own firearm and shot back, striking the suspect in the head, killing him. The Cook County medical examiner confirmed that

BBQ stand owner fatally shot would-be-robber in self-defense

Pasco County — When a man entered Jordon’s BBQ, a family owned restaurant near Tampa Florida, he indicated that he was there looking for work. But according to witnesses, the man began to demand money from everyone in the restaurant and implied that he was armed. When the owner of the store saw the yet unidentified man grabbing for a weapon, he drew and fired his concealed handgun, killing the suspect

81-Yr-Old Man Defends Himself & His Bedridden Sister

UNIONTOWN, PA. – For 30 years, a Pennsylvania man kept a .22 pistol on his nightstand, never knowing if he’d need to use it. But on November 4, the moment this 81-yr-old man had prepared for back when Ronald Regan was President, came to a terrifying reality as 46-year-old Franklin Schrout broke into the man’s home, and assaulted him during a robbery attempt. When the 81-year-old said he had nothing

Man shoots 2 armed men who tried to rob him at ATM, police say

Pittsburgh – When a 42-year-old man went to get money from an ATM in a late night withdrawal, he brought his concealed pistol along for the trip. During his transaction, this gun owner was accosted by two armed thugs who attempted a robbery. According to the police, the would-be victim pulled his own firearm in fear for his life, and shot both suspects in self-defense. One suspect was hit in

Man, 82, shoots and kills home intruder at 1:30am

UNIONTOWN, Pa. —An 82-year old man used a gun that’s been on his nightstand for 30 years to shoot a burglar in Uniontown early Friday morning.Uniontown police say the home invasion happened at 1:30 a.m., in the 100 block of Lenox Street. Police will not disclose the name of the homeowner, but they say he was awakened by a burglar and the two engaged in a physical confrontation. That’s when